Keeping Up with Content Marketing

This article defines the three most popular forms of content marketing and lists the pros and cons of each to help you decide which best applies to your business.   Table of Contents Section One: The Growth of Content Marketing Section Two: Three Forms of Content Marketing Videos Blogs Podcasts Section Three: Video Marketing Pros Cons Section Four: Blog Marketing Pros ConsContinue reading “Keeping Up with Content Marketing”

10 Tips For Writing an SEO & Reader-Friendly Blog Post

This article provides a 10-step process that bloggers, small business owners, and content managers can follow to create easy-to-read and SEO-friendly blog posts on their websites. We cover everything from ideation (coming up with topics) to researching, writing, creating graphics, and finally, posting your article to WordPress. Table of Contents Section 1: Writing a CompellingContinue reading “10 Tips For Writing an SEO & Reader-Friendly Blog Post”