Keeping Up with Content Marketing

This article defines the three most popular forms of content marketing and lists the pros and cons of each to help you decide which best applies to your business.   Table of Contents Section One: The Growth of Content Marketing Section Two: Three Forms of Content Marketing Videos Blogs Podcasts Section Three: Video Marketing Pros Cons Section Four: Blog Marketing Pros ConsContinue reading “Keeping Up with Content Marketing”

Step-By-Step Instructions for Starting Your Own Podcast

This article outlines the process of creating your own podcast from scratch, including everything from ideation and topic selection to purchasing equipment and planning for the costs.   Table of Contents Introduction Section One: Necessities A Good Idea Recording Space Laptop/Computer with Recording Software Microphone and Headphones Section Two: Cost Section Three: Steps Pick a Topic Choose a Format GetContinue reading “Step-By-Step Instructions for Starting Your Own Podcast”