Introducing SpeakClear’s Allstar Cast

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Isaac Zaubi

Title: Founder & Owner

Role(s): Website & Graphic Design, Content Strategy, Content Writing

Isaac is an Ohio native but has been a resident of Georgia for over 20 years. Having become a financial technology consultant after college, Isaac gained his Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification in 2017 and began developing digital content for financial software companies shortly thereafter. Today, Isaac has 7+ years of experience creating, publishing, and promoting content across a variety of industries including finance, retail, logistics, and healthcare. Isaac founded SpeakClear in 2020 and maintains direct responsibility over the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Sydney Kate Lewis

Title: Digital Content Manager

Role(s): Social Media, Email Marketing, & Content Writing

Sydney Kate grew up in a small town in South Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia’s Franklin College of Arts and Sciences in 2019 and began working for SpeakClear shortly after. As a contributor to several literary magazines and a former academia copywriter, Sydney Kate possesses a unique passion for writing and stories. At SpeakClear, Sydney Kate serves as the primary contributor for our blog and social media channels and also helps manage our clients’ email marketing campaigns.

Bijin Mathew

Title: Creative Director & Lead Designer

Role(s): Graphic Design, Photography, & Videography

Bijin Mathew is an experienced graphic designer and web developer with over 10 years of experience in his fields. After successfully launching two small start-ups during high school and college, Bijin has gone on to work for numerous corporate brands as a designer and developer, including several multimillion-dollar enterprises. For SpeakClear, Bijin serves as our primary video editor, photographer, and web designer. His primary skillsets revolve around the Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, Webflow, and directing in-person photography and videography shoots.

Daniel Battaglia

Title: Business & Content Strategist

Role(s): Marketing & Content Strategy, Graphic Design, & Website Design

Dan Battaglia is a longstanding Atlanta resident with nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing, graphic design, and website development. Since 2000, Dan has worked as a designer and creative director for over a dozen companies across industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and logistics. Today, Dan is a happy father of two, the owner of his own design agency IdeaBaux, and a trusted strategist and developer for SpeakClear.

Ehjayson Henry

Title: Lead Developer

Role(s): Website Development, Application Development, & Computer Programming

Ehjayson Henry is a Mercer graduate of business and computer science and a former D1 collegiate soccer athlete. Today, Ehjay is a professional soccer player, corporate web developer, and freelance programmer. He lives and works out of Atlanta, Georgia and has over 15 years of experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, C-Panel, SQL, and many other programming and coding languages. For SpeakClear, Ehjay plays an active role in almost every website and application development project we undertake.

Josh Phillips

Title: Website Designer & Market Strategist

Role(s): Website Design, Market Strategy, Financial Analysis

Josh Phillips is a former Hedge Fund manager and Financial Analyst who graduated from Mercer in 2016 as a Business and Finance major. After working in the corporate finance world for five years, Josh left the industry in 2021 to focus on new projects in the real estate and digital media fields. At SpeakClear, Josh serves as a financial and market strategist and also assists with website development for our local clients in Atlanta.

Praim Siribothi

Title: Business Photographer

Role(s): Photography, Media Editing, & Videography

Praim Siribothi was born in Thailand but moved to the United States shortly before college. He attended Michigan State University and the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) before establishing himself in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016. Today, Praim owns three Thai restaurants in the Atlanta area, where he plays an active role in day-to-day operations. From a digital content perspective, he also manages the websites, social media, and photography for all three restaurants. For SpeakClear, Praim plays a role in most of the corporate photography and videography projects we undertake.

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YourCare Tech

Depending on the content needs of our company and our clients, SpeakClear may collaborate with other media and design agencies to ensure the highest quality of output. Our primary development partners in this regard are IdeaBaux, Rewolf Agency, 24/7 Photography, and YourCare Tech LLC. For specialty assignments, we also have a pool of niche developers, designers, and industry experts on retainer that can be pulled from areas like corporate logistics, health and wellness, and finance.

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